The Bomboras

The Bomboras

Throw Rag

Mon, December 31, 2018

8:00 pm


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The Bomboras
The Bomboras
Throw Rag
Throw Rag
Throw Rag is more than just a rock n roll band. Throw Rag are rock n roll! But let's be
clear about something here; rock n roll, although essentially a thing of great beauty, is on the
whole, rather smelly, sweaty, dirty and will leave you with a hangover and a
suspicious looking rash, if you wake up the next day. Rock n Roll doesn't care; it is
its job not to care. So don't even think about complaining.

For what it's worth, Throw Rag formed over 20 years ago in Salton Sea, the heart of the California Desert,
the Mecca for all the worlds' tweakers and crazies. That in itself says a lot about the band. But you
probably didn't see them back then. Far removed from the band they are today,
Throw Rag were an excuse for nudity and carnage, with music (a kind of acoustic hillbilly punk thing).
People came to see them in the same way they'll rubberneck a car wreck, people, who as
vocalist Captain Sean Wheeler noted "appreciated someone dying in front of them more
or less". Throw Rag has been categorized as rockabilly punk and self coined "Sailor Rock".
They have blended sounds of traditional rock and roll, country and surf.

"Throw Rag takes the anything-goes attitude of early Damned and grafts it to the purposefully sloppy riffs of
boozy bar punk to get a record that celebrates punk's cut-loose mentality that's
frequently lost in the dead-serious world of rock'n'roll rebellion." Billboard magazine.

Throw rag members include, Captain Sean Wheeler on lead vocals, Patrick Dean
McQueen on lead guitar, Franco Fontana on bass guitar and Chris Von Streicher on
drums. And "Our original rhythm guitar player Dan "Scorcho" Lapham will be performing
with us. So that's four of the five original members on one stage." notes Wheeler.
They were also known for their insane and manic live shows where stripping became a
standard by Wheeler and their infamous washboard player Craig Jackman, aka Jacko,
who has since retired with his washboard, hanging it, in the rafters.

Although they have not performed in a while, Wheeler, is prompt to mention in 'Coachella Valley
Weekly' that, Throw Rag never disbanded. "There appeared to be a hiatus but we never broke up. People started
doing other stuff. The wind was kinda taken out of our sails. Maybe a bit burned out and
broke. We all started doing different things."

Wheeler has since recorded several records and toured relentlessly with the duo "Sean and Zander".
He is currently embarking on a solo project and touring with Mark Lanegan.
McQueen started a band called "Mink Daggers", that has recorded a self-titled record and
has been playing shows and is soon to return to the studio for their second record.
Franco and Lapham play "acid porno jazz" in the "New Rome Quartet"
and have numerous recordings and play out frequently.
Von Streicher took over the drumming reigns for the "Supersuckers",
who currently touring, supporting their new country record, "Holding the Bag".

Throw Rag have toured and opened for artists, as widely diverse as, Willie Nelson,
Motorhead, Flogging Molly, QOTSA, Reverend Horton Heat and The Pogues.
Their debut album, Tee Tot, was delivered in 1999. In 2001, the band recorded a split CD
with Supersuckers. 2003 saw the release of Desert Shores. In 2005, 13 Feet and Rising
was unleashed featuring guest vocals by Keith Morris, Jello Biafra and Lemmy
Kilmister. In 2004, Throw Rag's performance at the House of Blues in
Anaheim as the opening act for the Circle Jerks was recorded for a DVD release.
In 2005, Throw rag appeared and performed on Jessie James' Monster Garage on the "Snow Cat"
episode. Throw Rag's fourth full-length album entitled 2nd Place was issued in 2008.
Wheeler jokes about all the monikers he has given himself throughout the years to
coincide with the release of their albums. He recollects, "The first record came out and I
was driving on the dirt road between Palm and Indian, I got a phone call asking what
name I should use for the record. That dude Rico Suave was on the radio, so I said "Apollo
Suave". For two years I was known as Apollo Suave. At first I thought it was funny and
then it becomes literal." Scrape off the barnacles, hoist the anchor, coming to your port soon!!
Venue Information:
Alex's Bar
2913 E Anaheim Street
Long Beach, CA, 90804