Farewell Show: Death Hymn Number 9, Kim & The Created, Melted, Golden Ram, & The Slop Stomp DJs

Farewell Show: Death Hymn Number 9, Kim & The Created, Melted, Golden Ram, & The Slop Stomp DJs

Kim & The Created, Melted, Golden Ram, The Slop Stomp DJs

Wed, March 7, 2018

9:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Death Hymn Number 9
Death Hymn Number 9
Formed out of the murky Louisiana Swamp, these four denizens of somnambulance and limited brain power were a former backing band to Motown's greats, until abandoned at a routine gas stop in Baton Rouge in August 1965. In an act of brazen post-mortem activity, the band soldiered on, focusing their collective rage and wild abandonment issues into a thrashy, gross, fast, groovy, loud, hurt-feeling-fest of garage and punk rock bravado. After emerging from those garbage laden swamps, the band relocated to Los Angeles in late 2009 to annoy and harass the lazy bourgeois bar going public and teenage backyard house show attendee. Who knows what posthumous ridiculousness will ensue.
Kim & The Created
KIM AND THE CREATED was created by Kim House. Less than 3 years ago in Echo Park, Kim (former professional dancer, theater major, & booking agent) wrote her first song. Ever since a friend played the song on KXLU radio, only a week after she picked up the bass guitar, she booked her first show. Since then she has played back to back shows & toured nonstop playing with over 30 local musicians - whom she calls The Created.

“Imagine, for a moment, what Kim Fowley would have created had he been given access to Area 51, a vile of acid and a demented ballerina. Right now, Kim House is the most polarizing figure in Echo Park. For that reason alone, she's acutely punk, and a recent residency at the Echo proves she's ambitious enough to turn her performance art into something blindingly inspirational.”

'Top 20 Punk Band in Los Angeles'

Noisey by Vice Magazine
“Kim and the Created's live performance is nothing short of a full-blown exorcism…truly giving no fucks whatsoever. There's a moment where she looks out above the audience totally possessed by the sheer abandonment of reality and complete immersion into a glam rock alter-ego. This is what it's like to watch Kim House of Kim and the Created. Decked out in her signature catsuit, the toweringly tall blonde knows how to work a crowd. She thrashes around on the lip of the stage grasping at her hair and making faces as a backing band behind her transforms four-note bass-parts into a captivating garage punk recital.”

“Kim and The Created might be the most dynamic of all the bands that have come from the land of Burger/Lolipop Records, and certainly they’re a treat to behold—a radioactive but delicious piece of candy. The music grumbles like a sci-fi horror show and Kim House is the pretty monster, clad in a cat suit and thrashing around on a stage that can’t contain her mighty force. Like that classic tale of a woman grown to 80 feet tall who just can’t help trampling power lines and crushing buildings in her search for love and understanding, Kim comes from a place of vulnerability. She lets it all out on stage and it’s
impossible to look away.”

“The all-killer, no-filler Kim House and her band have settled in and are taking her eccentric reputation to thenext level. Bending over backwards, slinking through the crowd and switching from sweet to grunge at the drop of a bass line, the only thing that will get your eyes off her (wild outfits) is her potent and directed gaze, right into your soul.”
"Ziptripper"out now via Burger Records and lollipop Records!! Stream and download here
Venue Information:
Alex's Bar
2913 E Anaheim Street
Long Beach, CA, 90804