Slaughter & The Dogs

Slaughter & The Dogs

the crazy squeeze, Cheap Tissue, Johnny Witmer

Wed, August 23, 2017

8:00 pm

$11.00 - $13.00

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This event is 21 and over

Slaughter & The Dogs
Slaughter and the Dogs began life inspired by the glam rock era of the early 70s listening to the likes of Bowie, Roxy Music, Ian Hunter etc and were all brought up on the Wythenshawe council estate in South Manchester. After gaining a large contingent of followers from gigging locally and playing mainly cover versions they were invited to play support to a band called the Sex Pistols at the Lesser Free Trade hall in Manchester purely to help ticket sales. This was to be Slaughters turning point after witnessing Johnny Lydon and co playing what was to be termed punk rock and that was to be the way forward for the band.

Their first single release was the punk classic "Cranked up Really High" and was released on independent label Rabid records and produced by Martin Hannet. This led to the band being signed to major record label Decca records and 1977 saw the release of the single "Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone" quickly followed by the single "Dame to Blame". 1978 Slaughter released a cover version of "Quick Joey Small" which was deemed to be more radio friendly. Their first album "Do It Dog Style" was also recorded the same year and a tour was put in place to coincide with its release. However due to personal relationship problems drummer Brian Grantham left the band.

The band in 1979 signed new record deal with DJM records and the band decided to relocate from Manchester to London a replacement was found with ex Eater drummer Phil Rowland taking over. A single was released that same year Your Ready Now but alas vocalist Wayne Barrett decided to stop the band, Slaughter and the Dogs a band that promised so much (and could quite easily have delivered) were no more.

1991 brought the song writing partnership of Wayne Barrett and Mick Rossi back together and an album was released on Receiver records under the band name Slaughter and the Dogs called "Shocking".

1996 was to see Slaughter and the Dogs co Headline The Holidays In The Sun Punk Festival at The Winter Gardens in Blackpool with Wayne Barrett on vocals, Mick Rossi on guitar, Nigel Mead on Bass and French drummer Noel Kay on drums. Slaughter and the Dogs were the only band to have their full set filmed and a video "Live In Blackpool 1996" was released.

Nigel Mead was eventually replaced on bass by another French man Jean Pierre Thollet (JP). 2001 also saw this band record and release a brand new album called "Beware of" with Wayne and Mick coming back from France and LA to return to their roots in Manchester whilst they co wrote and recorded & produced the album. The album was released on TKO Records in the USA and on Captain Oi records in the UK and the single "Saturday Night Till Sunday Morning" was released from it. Wayne resides in France whilst Mick lives in Los Angeles but they still continue to tour and headline Punk Festivals in the USA, Europe and the UK.
the crazy squeeze
the crazy squeeze
Not since the Traveling Wilburys has there been a supergroup as universally anticipated as The Crazy Squeeze. If you were into the underground punk/rock n' roll scene in the late '90s and early 2000s, you know who these guys are. You own their records. You bought them shots. You friended them on Myspace. And now they have joined forces to create a veritable justice league of punk rock! Where else but in Hollywood could Johnny Witmer (of The Stitches), Frankie Delmane (of Now Wave faves the Teenage Frames), Chris B. (of the Richmond Sluts), and Johnny Sleeper (of the Superbees) have come together to combine their prodigious & complementary talents for the betterment of the free world?! The Crazy Squeeze - now with Dat Ngo ex-Super Bees in on bass - are everything you'd expect and then some. Combining vintage glam wham-bam (New York Dolls, Slade) with straight-up rockin' punk, their sound is pure raunchy fun with hooks out the wazoo. You know: music for fucking! It's just got that swagger. Of course Witmer is on fire on guitar, doing the Berry/Thunders thing like he was born for it (because, ya know, he was!). And with the criminally underrated songwriter Delmane involved, you know the songs are gonna be aces. If you like high-energy, sing-along rock n' roll with ripping guitars and an irresistible backbeat, go straight to "Boys Are Gonna Be Here Soon" and "Out of My Head" and fall in love! Yes, sir! "All Lies" slows the tempo and brings a harder edge, but it proves to be equally great. With the release of this full-length album the Crazy Squeeze are poised to be the next big thing in punk rock n' roll. If you enjoyed the Dolls, Joneses, or any of these guys' old bands, it's time to get on board the Crazy Squeeze bandwagon. Pour yourself a hard drink, and shake it!" - Lord Rutledge, FasterAndLouder

"These guys deliver the goods, mixing in the best aspects of early glam punk, '77 styles, and tributes to the members' own prior recorded efforts." - Art Ettinger, Razorcake

"The Crazy Squeeze will make you wanna fuck loud 'n hard. This Glam-Pub Masterpiece are unlike any other modern day band - they create and hold their own in a time when recycling sounds is a cinch to do.They are on a Rock-n- Roll Revenge to bring you that gut fuck feeling you get when you hear a song that you just have tohear over 'nover again. Shooting you up with solid gold nasty hits - their filth and grind songwriting is pure perfection! If your wondering how they got the name 'Crazy Squeeze'...just Squeeze the one you're with and fuck like Crazy..and don't forget to push Play". - Anonymous Baller
Cheap Tissue
Directly east of the not-so- bright lights of Downtown Los Angeles, three young men met under a
janky fire escape next to a dumpster and put their shriveled, pocketed dollar bills and loose change
together to pay for the necessities (mostly booze) of starting a new band.
Furthering their minimal efforts in the dull, cultural wasteland known as Echo Park in June 2015:
Andrew Taylor, Jesse Youngblood and Sean Carroll began to write songs with a high level of energy they
felt most people would not really like very much at all. Shortly after, the three found John Tyree
(Richmond Sluts/Dirty Eyes) lurking around the same local dives without a pot to piss in himself. The
four got together infrequently over the next six months and put the not-so- polished touches on the turd

Though most would describe CT as a garage-punk/rock 'n' roll outfit, they prefer being referred
to as a very small, extremely sub-par orchestra with no conductor and the tendency to play songs at
whatever tempo they feel like.

Brandishing snarling, fuzzy guitars and three "singers" up front, Cheap Tissue is coming to
sloppily satisfy the needs of your girlfriend, sister and mother. And guess what? You won't even care.
Venue Information:
Alex's Bar
2913 E Anaheim Street
Long Beach, CA, 90804