Betty Blowtorch

Betty Blowtorch

GayC/DC, Street Walkin Cheetahs

Fri, June 30, 2017

8:00 pm


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This event is 21 and over

Betty Blowtorch
If you haven't seen GayC/DC yet, you are in for a damn good time. Chris Freeman of legendary punk band "Pansy Division" channels the pomp and spirit of Bon Scott making GayC/DC an absolute must see...

"So five gay musicians walk into a gay bar playing only AC/DC. Out walks GayC/DC. Not a cover band. Not a tribute band. But some hybrid of both of those, with a healthy dose of Alice Cooper, Rip Taylor, G.G. Allin, Dame Edna, and of course those boys from Down Under. Are Chris, Steve, Karl, Brian, and Glen long lost cousins to Bon, Angus, Cliff, Phil, Brian and Malcolm? We think so. We think AC/DC runs in everyone's DNA, and that everyone has a reaction when they hear those familiar chords blare from a guitar amp. Your body starts to keep the beat along with the band, and your neck starts to bang back and forth as your ears take the brunt of the decibels. Yup. It's a GayC/DC show, and your bound to get covered in glitter, boa feathers, silly string, and some other substances that we haven't gotten the test results back yet. You sing along. You know every word. And your eyes can't erase the images that you see on the stage in front of you. It's a GayC/DC show, and you don't want it to end." - TMI
Venue Information:
Alex's Bar
2913 E Anaheim Street
Long Beach, CA, 90804