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No- Talents


Sat, August 15, 2015

8:00 pm


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No- Talents
The Stitches
The Stitches
How do you sum up THE STITCHES in short form? How 'bout schizoidhardcoremindfuck? How 'bout Orange County punk '96 vs Dusseldorf NDW '79? How 'bout less polish, and more edges? How 'bout turning up the fucking crust, and making punk a threat again? Yeah...that's a good start anyway.
"They have a Rolling Stones-meets-Iggy and The Stooges way about them. Very bluesy side of the Stones vibe, with an edge of garage...I'm playin "Baby I'll Give It You," "Bulldog," and "Teenage Letter." - Rodney Bingenheimer to L.A Weekly

"...the Mambas stagger into 1976 with gutter-glam songs and dawn-of-punk velocity and attitude. Like the New York Dolls, you ask? Oh mais oui, as the Dolls' singer David Johansen must have once bellowed, but there's lots of Redd Kross and Real Kids roaring alongside, too. (The Mambas' "Teenage Letter" cover is just a few burst blood vessels away from the Count Bishops' bruising 1975 version.) L.A.'s 1980s glam punk legends The Joneses remain the once and future kings of this sound, but the Mambas are young and hungry. Well, actually, that probably should be "thirsty," at least judging by the way they smash out these shot-of-whiskey hits." - Chris Ziegler, LA Weekly
Originally formed in the summer of 2004 in Carson, CA, with Ryan Miranda and James Carman, Images decided to make their own interpretation of art through the form of musical expression. During high school, they began throwing their own backyard shows where they met Nick Faciane, who shared similar interests and views of the way a band should be. He was later asked to join Images, in late 2005, which added a new element to help fulfill and master their sound, and finally completing the lineup for the group.

After only two years of playing as a band, Images were invited to play with Buzzcocks in 2006 on two separate occasions, one at the House of Blues in Anaheim and the other at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. They have again played with the punk legends, doing multiple tours along the west coast.

The group had gone through a large cycle of partially successful drummers; but it was after the band travelled to New York City in the autumn of 2009 that James decided to play drums live, while retaining most lead vocal duties. This line up has played several shows so successfully that they have continued as a three-piece.
Thrashing through with a sound that is at once intense, melodic, and danceable, Images are a group of diverse musicians who intertwine their influences, DIY ethic, and performances to create an art that is fresh and inspired in their Los Angeles hometown.

"Images are situated betwixt power pop and poppy punk in the vein of Undertones and Buzzcocks. The songs are upbeat and never stop. Everything is up front and right there in your face. They keep it simple and to the point, which give the songs that extra punch. "Caught Me Off Guard" is definitely the stand out here. Mix up some early Descendents with the Buzzcocks and pour some syrup on that. It's poppier than hell, and like anything sugary, you keep on wanting more. I have made the motion that this is thee official song of the summer, along with limeade being the official beverage of summer 2012." - Matt Average, Razorcake

"...the best of poppy U.K. pop from 1978 with a perhaps unintentional smattering of the Descendents' "Clean Sheets." -L.A. Record

"I'm really digging the Images' ditty Frustration." - KROQ DJ Sluggo

"Images is boss." - Romana Machado, SF Weekly
Venue Information:
Alex's Bar
2913 E Anaheim Street
Long Beach, CA, 90804