Matthew Logan Vasquez

Matthew Logan Vasquez

Dustin Lovelis, Restavrant

Fri, August 10, 2018

8:00 pm


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Matthew Logan Vasquez
Matthew Logan Vasquez
Dustin Lovelis
Dustin Lovelis played guitar and sang in the Long Beach band the Fling, who got out one album on storied indie Dangerbird before complications from all directions finally made them collapse around 2013. For Lovelis, it must've been like getting kicked out of the house—that was where he'd spent most of his musical adulthood, if you wanna call it that, and then it was done. (It didn't help that he lost a job, a relationship and a dog all at pretty much the same time.) Dimensions came out of these kinds of nights—whiskey, guitar, tape rolling—and month by month Lovelis pieced together what would become his full-length solo debut. Now just weeks from release, Dimensions is revealed as an album working against its own sense of isolation and all the more powerful for it. It's pop despite itself, like those Emitt Rhodes songs that sound so innocent until the lyrics sink in, and it's an emotional state captured as it happens, like those parts on Big Star's 3rd where you can almost hear the bottles smashing into the back of the studio. There's moments of Lennon-esque self-evisceration and sarcasm and a Pixies-ish sense of harmony and space, as well as a certain powerful something that must've been absorbed during sessions at Elliot Smith's New Monkey Studios. But really Dimensions is a brave and personal self-portrait, raw and alive with the humor and honesty that happens when you've got no one to talk to but yourself.

Chris Ziegler- LA Record
Troy Murrah and Tyler Whiteside electro/country/punk BLUES AudioVisual.
Also in Snakearm.

"Restavrant are two screemin freeks—term used so respectfully—from adorable Victoria, Texas, that use expired license plates for drum parts and bodily drag truly addled hillbillyism into the digital age. They engineer a sloppy collision between Hasil Adkins and DJ Assault that boils down to beat, guitar and rooster-at-sunrise screaming, and behind them the drunkest dancers fall obediently in line."
-The Echo
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Alex's Bar
2913 E Anaheim Street
Long Beach, CA, 90804