Motorcycle Boy

Motorcycle Boy

Mink Daggers, The Cornfed Project, Symbol Six, Albatross Overdrive, Wolves In Argyle

Sat, March 4, 2017

9:00 pm


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This event is 21 and over

Motorcycle Boy
The return of Motorcycle Boy (featuring the original lineup of Francois Haroldson, Eden Galindo, and Mo Mataquin!).
The Cornfed Project
Jimmy Carter was on the television, sweating and stammering, trying to explain the gas crisis and skyrocketing inflation. Out behind the barn, 14-year-old Cornfed (Matt Wheeler) was busy building a drum kit out of corncobs, hog bones, and old whiskey barrels. Skynyrd blared from the 8-track in his daddy's Ford. Little Cornfed learned to bang out primitive rhythms, but soon grew bored and looked for other ways to scratch his musical itch. So he stole a banged-up acoustic guitar from his second cousin/girlfriend, hotwired a tractor, and headed west.

Half a world away in a tiny village in Uzbekistan, a teenager named Christopher Shinkus ran screaming down an unpaved alley. An old woman in a shawl chased him carrying a gnarled stick. She was surprisingly agile, her feet seeming to skim lightly above the path. But Chris got away and kept running until he woke up nearly two decades later in Venice, CA. Some say the curse she put on him persists to this day. All we know for sure is that Chris will never lick frogs and wander naked into strangers' houses again. Probably.

Little Nathan Walker sat in his mother's lap. He was 16 and his mom was smokin' hot, so he just liked sitting in her lap. So what? Who's to judge? At night he'd lock himself in his room and doodle on a secret notepad he kept under his mattress. Interestingly, the sketches resembled elaborate gear endorsement deals and outlandish performance riders. Nate had always been precocious, and we love him for it to this day.

On the day Jeff Moses played his first rock show, the last witch put to death in Salem was cut down from the gallows. As he packed up his borrowed gear and climbed into the back seat of Huey's smelly Corolla, he wondered what fate awaited him for his sins. And then the phone rang. Cornfed needed a guitar player.

That's about it, really. These days The Cornfed Project rocks the balls off audience members every chance they get. Which isn't too often because who wants their balls rocked off? Regardless, Cornfed (vocals, guitar), Shinkus (bass, vocals), Nate (drums), and Moses (guitar) stay busy driving sonic nails through eardrums, melting faces, and turning fans of hard rock into fans of The Cornfed Project. And you, fucker, are next.
Symbol Six
Symbol Six is an American Hardcore Rock and roll band formed in Santa Monica, California in 1980 by Eric Leach, Mark Conway, Phil George, Donny Brook (original bass player for Necros), Taz Rudd, and Steve Cooper. Originating right in the heart of Los Angeles / Orange County Punk rock in California, they quickly moved up the ranks with the average age of the band members being only 15 years old. Playing notorious clubs such as the[1]Cuckoo's Nest (Costa Mesa, Ca.),[2] Godzillas (Sun Valley, Ca.), and Bards Apollo (South Central, Los Angeles). Symbol Six quickly started to establish themselves as an up-and-coming force to be reckoned with. Symbol Six played with Social Distortion, Bad Religion, SIN 34, T.S.O.L., 45 Grave, Youth Brigade, Descendents, RF7 and Agent Orange in the burgeoning punk movement of California.
HISTORY: In Nov 1981, Robbie Fields, owner and founder of Posh Boy Records was looking for the "next big thing" to sign and produce, turning to Michelle Flipside of Flipside for advice. She told Robbie, "You need to check out Symbol Six." In Dec 1981, Robbie went to a band rehearsal and immediately booked them in the studio to record and produce their self-titled debut EP, Symbol Six. The album was recorded at Brian Elliot studios in North Hollywood, Ca. with engineer David Hines(died in 1994, car accident) and co-producer, Jay Lansford, guitarist for the Simpletones and the Stepmothers. The album was completed in 3 days with front cover artwork by Jim Evans of Skateboarder / Cadillac Wheels fame. Back cover photos were taken by Ed Colver. The EP was debuted on The World Famous KROQ-FM's Rodney Bingenheimer show in April 1982 and rapidly became a staple in the regular rotation.The album was named a top pick in Billboard Magazine in 1982, "Full of sound and fury is SYMBOL SIX, a new five-man band from Southern California. They play the four songs here with punk exuberance, keeping everything simple but with high excitement quotient". Symbol Six was distributed world-wide by Green World and is still a popular selling collector's item today. Sadly, shortly afterwards due to musical differences and ironically, egos, Symbol Six self-imploded. In 1988, album was re-release on a compilation Split with Agent Orange's masterpiece, Living in Darkness.
AFTERMATH: In 1984, Eric Leach and Taz Rudd formed the short-lived Hollywood sleaze band Stahlin with Izzy Stradlin - Guns N' Roses. Shortly after, Eric and Taz along with Brent Muscat - Faster Pussycat, Patrick Muzingo, and Todd Muscat - Decry formed the rock n' roll punk band Shanghai. Playing all over LA with bands L.A. Guns, Guns N' Roses, Faster Pussycat, The Joneses, and Flower Leperds. They were spotted by the legendary neon knight of sleaze, Kim Fowley, infamous producer of The Runaways, KISS, Alice Cooper, etc. at the famed The Troubadour. After seeing their performance he asked, "Are you ready to make a record?!" They immediately moved into with Kim Fowley and began writing and recording songs. David Leibert, Alice Cooper's road manager, was recruited to come in to handle the day to day babysitting chores. Shanghai played the re-opening of the Whisky a Go Go in April 1986 with Guns N' Roses and Faster Pussycat.Their last show was at The Scream in LA in 1987, with the band disbanding due to many unmentionable factors.

Eric Leach went on to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Ca., majoring in Fine Art Illustration.

Taz Rudd was detained by the state of California for 10 years where he had the band Wrecklords consisting of members of Chantee's (Pipeline), Jim Gordon of Derek and the Dominos. He went on to play in Atoms, Der Stab, Funeral, Flower Leperds, Voodoo Church, Decry, Pirates of Venus, Shanghai, Rock City Angels, and[ Aces & Eights(formed with Phil George and Evan Shanks) which performed at The Viper Room in August 2009 joined on stage by Slash and Steven Adler of Guns N' Roses.
REFORMATION: In 2010, all the original members decided to get back together. The next day they met at That British Place Rehearsal Studios in Santa Monica and started writing and playing new material. Working with engineer, Jimmy Sloan, they released their self produced debut LP, "Monsters 11" on Symbol Six Music. Track 10 on the album, "Slave", features cellist Kirk Canning, who is also featured on Nirvana (band)'s album, Nevermind, "Something in the Way" Donny Brooks was soon replaced by Evans Shanks (Entropy) on Bass and Mark Conway was replaced by Tony Fate(the BellRays, the Grey Spikes) in 2011. Symbol Six joined fellow alumni The Crowd and Channel 3 for Rhino Entertainment - Warner Music Group Posh Boy Night at Rhino Records pop-up store in Los Angeles, California in June 2011 to help raise money for the charitable organization MusiCares. 2012 has generated a lot of buzz for Symbol Six. Playing with such acts as Fear, Jello Biafra, Lower Class Brats, The Adicts and many others. Symbol Six went back into studio with Phillip (Philco) Raves of Mystic Records fame to record their third album Dirtyland end of summer 2012. Symbol Six appeared live in Hollywood on Nov 15th 2012 with Nick Oliveri of Dwarves (band), Mondo Generator, and Queens of the Stone Age performing Turbonegro's "Back To Dungaree High" In 2011, Dr. Strange Records in Alta Loma, Ca. negotiated with Posh Boy Records and re-released original and unreleased tracks on 12" vinyl in Feb 2013. Symbol Six was signed to Jailhouse Records March 1, 2013 and released their third studio album, 'Dirtyland', in the spring of 2014.

Said by their peers to be "The Hardest Working Band in Southern California", expect nothing less from Symbol Six as they kick ass, take names, and energize the world.

You are all invited to the party, cheers!
Albatross Overdrive
Albatross Overdrive
Heavy rock band from Huntington Beach, CA, USA formed in early 2005.
Venue Information:
Alex's Bar
2913 E Anaheim Street
Long Beach, CA, 90804