The Roaring 420's

The Roaring 420's

Alejandro's Awesome Surf Band

Thu, February 11, 2016

9:00 pm


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This event is 21 and over

Alejandro's Awesome Surf Band
Scourged from the baron wasteland of the Orange County music scene in 2007. There were bands. There were shows. "Why in hell doesn't anybody dance anymore?" Alejandro asked himself. So, he calls up two of the best musicians in Costa Mesa(Joel Aaron Williams, David Andrew Humphrey, John Roller & Bobby Perez, of course) and asks if they want to play an epic warehouse party. Their responses were unanimous:
"Sure, but you don't have a band..."
"That's why I'm going to start one and you are my recruits."
"What kind of music are we gonna play?" they replied.
"The one kind of music that everyone can't help but dance to: Surf Rock."
"Hell yes!"
....and the rest is history. A few more house parties later and there became such a demand for Alejandro's shredding leads, Bobby's punch-you-in-the-face-bass, and Joel's mind-pummeling-surf-beats that they were forced into becoming Orange County's newest resident Surf Band.
Fast forward 3 years, a few hiatuses, and a couple of rhythm guitar players later and Alejandro is still pumping out the surf tunes just the way the Orange County O.G.'s(The Centurians, The Challengers, The Chantays, The Surfaris, Dick Dale & The Del-Tones, The Marketts, The Arrows, The Impacts, The Lively Ones etc...) would've had it.
So, if you think you can handle your mind being blown to bits on the dance floor, then come out and witness for yourself the best array of original instrumental music to come out of Orange County since the mid-sixties.
Venue Information:
Alex's Bar
2913 E Anaheim Street
Long Beach, CA, 90804