The Dwarves, The Queers

Co Headline Show

The Dwarves

The Queers

Bad Cop Bad Cop, The Mormons

Thu, March 17, 2016

9:00 pm

$13.00 - $15.00

Off Sale

This event is 21 and over

The Dwarves
The Dwarves
Dwarves began in Chicago as a teen garage rock outfit called the Suburban Nightmare, a sound that was partially carried over into the first Dwarves release, 1986's Horror Stories. After the first album, Dwarves blazed across the country for seven more years, leaving a trail of blood from their own self-inflicted gashes, a trail of drug stories (according to popular myth, bassist XXXXX disappeared in Detroit on a crack binge during a 1992 tour, never to be heard from again), a trail (or tale) of bizarre stage-show sex acts, and a trail of numerous 15-minute-long live shows.
The Dwarves Are Young and Good LookingDwarves unsurprisingly self-destructed shortly after a failed hoax, whereby the band issued a press release stating that guitarist He Who Cannot Be Named had died. The album Sugarfix also carried a tribute to the guitarist, who was actually very much alive. Sub Pop was not amused and dropped the band, which later re-formed for 1997's Young and Good Looking. Come Clean followed in early 2000. Four years later the band returned with The Dwarves Must Die, including guests Dexter Holland from the Offspring, Nick Oliveri from Queens of the Stone Age, Nash Kato from Urge Overkill, and voice actor Gary Owens. In 2009 the band began to work on a new album, this time recruiting past members of the band like Salt Peter and Vadge Moore to play on the album instead of an all-star celebrity cast and released The Dwarves Are Born Again in 2010.
The Queers
The Queers
The Queers is a punk rock band from Portsmouth, NH
Bad Cop Bad Cop
Kick-ass, all-girl, four-piece featuring members of the Angry Amputees,
Compton SF, The D'Maggs, The CIty, The Radio Sweetheart, and Cunt Sparrer.
3-part harmonies, catchy hooks, and a killer drummer.
We're louder than you'd think.
The Mormons
The Mormons
Los Angeles, CA
Venue Information:
Alex's Bar
2913 E Anaheim Street
Long Beach, CA, 90804